Monthly Archives: June 2015

Tips and Tricks

It happens. I know it does. But it is still frustrating even after 20 years in the creative business. The dreaded “off” day. You know what I mean, one of those days where all attempts to create turn out awful. My sketches are uninspired. The selection of colors is a struggle. Subject matter alludes me. My brain won’t work and my heart is not picking up the slack. The muse has left the building. There is no spark of imagination to be unearthed. Or is there?

It used to be that when this happened I would turn to art related books or magazines. Now I find I turn to the internet. Quicker but not always productive, I fall down the rabbit hole of
images never to be seen again. Today I am trying a new way to attain inspiration. I am returning to my sketchbook with new eyes and a desire to crop something. Pages of doodles, potential designs, paint swatches, samples of new mediums and techniques all lovingly compiled to help me learn and grow as an artist and human.

Armed with my view finder (a piece of paper with a 1″ x 2″ hole), I set out running it over my pages in hopes of finding an interesting composition. It worked! I like part of a sketch I have been working on. I taped the view finder down, grabbed my tracing paper and 2B pencil then traced the cropped area. Now I can enlarge the image to whatever size I want and experiment with color.

Aaahhh, I am on my way! Hope this helps you on those “off” days.

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