Graphic Design

Need a logo, business cards, brochure, newsletter, poster, advertisement, direct mail piece,
digital images for a website, a banner or other random advertising elements? Let’s connect.

Once upon a time, I was the Art Director in charge of Corporate Communications for Pizza Hut, Inc. After leaving that position, I embarked on my journey as an independent graphic design professional, a.k.a. a freelance designer. I have had the benefit of working with both small business and corporate clients. I understand how to work within a budget. I meet the deadline. My expertise is in print design. But good design is good design. I have learned to transfer my skills into the digital world and have worked with clients to create many web graphics, advertisements and newsletters.

My most recent job was to work as part of a team to rebrand Early Life Speech & Language, a non-profit organization in the Seattle, WA area.  My part was logo design, as well as, print support materials. One of my long time clients is Prairie Pines Christmas Tree Farm in Wichita, Kansas. We’ve partnered to create many fun and engaging pieces, advertising the various events held at their venue.

If I have piqued your curiosity and you’re wondering if I am the right person for your design job, let’s connect and see where it goes. My portfolio can be found on LinkedIn.